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Creating brand DNA

Brief; Build a brand  from scratch

The basic element of a business is its brand. It is the focal point of the way the business is positioned, visually and in words. Importantly, it sets out how the business should act and behave in every facet of its activity.


The brand is really the building blocks or DNA that provides the business with a focus on how to engage with its customers and make it stand out from the competitors. 

Result: Creating unique brand engagingon all levels....visually... tonally graphically. 

A name and a logo are only the beginning. They are only a symbol or shorthand description of what your business stands for and how it behaves. The tone of voice, simple graphics, use of video..... it's about storytelling.  PHP created videos and info-graphics and built the website to set out the NZ Bio Forestry's complex proposition in a simple yet compelling way.  

PHP can help define your brand DNA and design that logo, but it is also important to execute the brand to engage your market and ensure your business stands out. 

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