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Talking to customers

Brief: Relaunch Skoda to its diehard entrenched  customers with it's new look and new owners, VW. 

Following VW's purchase of Skoda, it was critical the launch of the new Fabia was a success to Skoda's incredibly entrenched yet small loyal UK customer base. VW was changing the face of Skoda forever, and we had to bring along those few loyal but incredibly vocal fans of the old Skoda along to meet the new Skoda.


Results: High level of engagement and advocacy rates from the hardest of VW detractors.  

A simple traditional DM (Direct Mail) campaign using a personalised typewritten letter from a 'Skoda anonymous fan',  it very simply explained the new enhanced features changes but used the language and tone of the avid Skoda fan. Anonymously from Skoda, it forced the diehards to take long hard look at the new Skoda and created debate and buzz that stimulated dealer enquiries.

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